Why are there so many bad reviews on VIT?

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I passed out of VIT just this year. No idea about the 'Fraudulent admission process'. I had secured admission through a VITEEE rank of 1425.

A parent's dream: If you are admitted in VIT your parents will sleep sound at night because unless you really want to go wrong you can't go wrong here. As someone else in the answers already mentioned there's surprise checks by officials roaming around in hostels for druggies and smokers. If you're caught in possession of drugs you're thrown out, no tolerance ... I've seen 9 pointers being thrown out. No kidding. Drinking and smoking will be rewarded by fines as high as 3K. In terms of academics I have to say, you'll find more lazy and incompetent professors here than good ones. There are some really awesome professors but they are very few in number. That's been my experience. I accept 'incompetent' is a harsh word but then sometimes they'll fail at teaching you the very basics because of their unsurity in the subject.

Campus: In terms of campus VIT is really awesome. It has extremely well maintained gardens and sidewalks. However, you can't really enjoy them because boys have an in time of 9:30 and girls have an in time of 8. Students are expected to be in their hostel blocks within the in time. Also I've heard of many incidents of guards troubling couples for being spotted holding hands/hugging or whatever the categorize as 'public display if affection'. However I've never had such an experience even though I've had many girls in my group. However it is true that till recently there were signs hung up at several places reading ' Public Display of Affection is prohibited here' and on sidewalks where people often sat 'Do not sit here and disturb pedestrians'. LOL. BTW people had to resort to sitting at the edge of sidewalks because there's absolutely no seats anywhere in the campus except cafeterias. Excluding inside buildings of course.

Placements. In terms of placements VIT could probably be one of the best private colleges. The CSE branch has the best placement record , (I'm from CSE). Literally everyone I knew from CS is placed in a decent company with a package above 7L. I can't speak for other branches but my mechanical /civil / ECE friends did complain a lot.

"College life": one thing you'll definitely feel after getting done with VIT - you won't feel like you had a "college life". And by that I mean - you'll not experience night life, you won't 'hang out' on weekends, planning trips with your group will be super hard (especially with girls as they have ridiculous restrictions in terms of outings/leaves). This is just my view of what college life should have been and which I didn't experience. There's several reasons for this : 1)the admin won't let you get out easily 2) if you do get out , best of luck having a good time because vellore is a almost a village 3) in case you do get out find a decent place to drink - you'll only get Desi daaru, the best beer you can get is Kingfisher.

Opportunities at social interaction: There's not many in VIT, bro. I wouldn't call myself an introvert but it is true that I was always apprehensive about taking membership in student chapters or clubs. Till the very end I never did become a member. So I have myself to blame for that but I never really found actual core members or even presidents (which some of my friends were) of these clubs, actually praising about them. But they did seem to enjoy and were able to interact with other students from college more than I did because of these clubs. So I guess they experienced that facet of "college life".

I'm a perfectionist or at least like to call myself one, so I do complain a lot. Though, one thing I have no complains about is VIT fulfilling its role in getting me placed. I got a sweet internship in CISCO all thanks to VIT which I most proabably would not have been able to bag myself.

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