How are CSE placements at VIT Vellore?

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₹0 Posted: 7 months ago

Pretty amazing.

The process is unparalleled in terms of number of companies, name of the companies, type of companies, package they provide, job profile they provide, opportunities that open up.

Few stats from 2016 process to set things in perspective:

Number of companies : More than 150 companies

Few Name : Flipkart, PayPal, eBay, Csico, Qualcom, Via, Cleartrip, PayU, Swiggy, Verizon, Bank of America, Instamojo, Matrimony, Deloitte, Boston Consultancy, and lot and lots more

Job Profiles : Development, Testing, Analytics, Mobile, Finance, etc

Opportunities : Most of the companies are MNCs which open huge gate of opportunities for you. Few of my friends have already gone for on shore projects to USA etc when it has not even 1 year since they joined their company

Package : In 2016, highest package for CSE was around 20 lakh, while lowest dream package was probably 4–5 lakh. Average package must be somewhere around 6–7 lakh per annum.

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