What is the scope for mechanical engineering students from

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You need to maintain a CGPA on the higher side for this (>8.5). You also need to write GRE. Provided you get a decent score, there are plenty of opportunities. Many of my friends have gotten into places like TU Delft, Georgia Tech, Purdue, etc etc.. If you are willing to work hard and have developed an area of interest, I think you can easily get into the university of your choice.

You can also give Gate, if going abroad for your masters does not appeal to you.


Coming to overall opportunities, VIT is a brilliant place to develop some great friends and connections. You have plenty of clubs and chapters and sports facilities which make sure that you just don't grow academically, but have an all round personality growth. Now coming specifically to mechanical engineering, you can be a part of the auto teams, like Kshatriya International, Pravega, Eco Titans, Ojas, Flying falcons, Flying inc, etc.. These are brilliant teams which have won innumerable competitions both in India and abroad. (PS: il have to write an essay if I have to mention their achievements. Check it on the website).

In a nutshell, if you are willing to put in the effort and are able to be in the top quartile of your branch, there are opportunities galore for you.

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