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For people of average height, height growth tips may not even come to mind. However for people who are short the thought about increasing height can actually dominate the mind. Yes, height does makes a difference in several aspects of life like jobs, interviews, selection in sports team, modeling assignments and many other areas. Although genetic factor does play a role in determining your height, but sometimes ignoring simple things for growing taller can leave you with stunted growth.

Here are some height growth tips to keep in mind:

1) Good nutritious food makes a big difference to growth especially during the key growth spurt phase. So it is essential to have a well balanced food comprising of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and amino acids.

2) Leading a sedentary life with no exercise and physical activities can make your bones and muscles stiff and inflexible. This could mean limited elongation and expansion of bones. So it is important that you play some sports or join a gymnasium to keep yourself fit.

3) Sometimes your body may require additional minerals over and above what is available from the food. Having multivitamin and calcium supplements can be of help. Consult a doctor to get best advice on this. You doctor may be able to provide you some additional growing taller tips.

4) Production of sufficient amount of growth hormones is necessary for growth. Some activities like smoking, excess alcohol, consuming antibiotics etc can disturb the hormonal balance and stop the release of growth hormones. So avoid these items as much as possible.

5) If you really want to increase height then you should sleep well and take sufficient rest. Your body grows the most while you sleep.

Following these simple height growth tips for growing taller can help you from stunted growth for sure.

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