Technogeek Battery Operated Water Dispenser Pump

₹700 Posted: over 1 year ago

Technogeek Automatic Water Dispenser Pump for 20 Litre Bisleri / Drinking water jar.

Adopting new technology makes our life easier.

Why go for the hard way, when you can find the easier and smart way to use 20 Litre Drinking Water Jars at Your Home and Office etc.

To make your life easy and tension free, We have come up with One stop solution for drinking water packed in 20 Litre Bottle / Jars at Home / Office / Shop / Club/ Hospitals Etc. Our Automatic Water Dispenser Pump runs on Battery, and it is not dependent on Electricity Supply

• Easy to assemble & Operate.

• Dispense of Water from jar by just pressing a Push Button.

• Now no Need to lift Heavy Bottle

• Most Suitable for Children, Ladies and Senior Citizens.

• Pump made from Virgin Plastic.

• Pump fits on most bottles neck and pump dispensing height can be adjusted as per bottle height.

• Operated on 2 "D" size battery which can dispense, 1000 Ltr. of water. (50 Jars)

• No need of Water Dispenser Jar

Simply put our Technogeek Battery Operated Water Dispenser Pump in 20 Litre Drinking Water Jar and press the switch on / off button of Pump . Dispensing of Water from Jar will start immediately.

Buy it now and make your life easier.

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