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Worried about the Safety of your Home, Assets and Loved Ones? A Comprehensive Home Security System is the need for Today‘s environment to ensure Peace of Mind and Safety of any Home Owner, Whenever you are away from your Home. It is possible for an Intruder to enter your House by Breaking through the window or even the main Door and take away all your hard earned money and Valuables. Thus your home is also a possible target for attacks from Burglars and trespassing by strangers. Same is the case with your office and business establishments. Comprehensive Security Solutions is the need of the hour even in Public Places, Places of Worship, Educational Institutions, Factories etc. Aura Business Solutions is an Electronic Security Expert operating across the state of Kerala, mainly in the districts of Trivandrum, Kollam, Palakkad, Alappuzha, Idukki, Kottayam, Ernakulam and Thrissur. We provide quality Electronic Security and Communications Solutions to Corporate as well as Individual Clients across the state of Kerla. Considering the fact that your home is not only your place of privacy but also a store for your valuable belongings, it is very important to protect it from trespassers. According to Aura Business Solutions in Kerala, your best Home Security option is Wireless Home Alarm System. In fact, Experts Advice that Wireless Home Alarm Systems is the most advisable to use for your Home these days. Wireless Home Security System not only offers a wonderful way to merely monitor your house, but also comes with Gas Leak Detector, Fire Alarm Control Panels, Glass Break-in and Door Break-iDetectors, Vibration Sensors, Heat/Smoke Detectors are some major components of Burglar Alarm System to ensure cent percent Security of your House round the clock, irrespective of whether you’re at Home or away. Various Home Security Products from Aura Business Solutionsvaries as Burglar Alarms, Intrusion Alarm Products, Residential Burglar Alarm, Wired Burglar Alarm System, CCTV Theft Prevention System, CCTV Cameras with DVR attached Theft Control Devices, Access Controls, Fingerprint Door Locks, Gate Automation, Entrance Automation Systems Theft Prevention Panic Alarms and More.

Aura Business Solutions is a direct Supplier in Kerala for CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras, Business and Home CCTV Surveillance Systems, and CCTV equipment (Closed Circuit Television). CCTV Surveillance Systems with Remote DVR Viewer Access are our specialty. All of our CCTV Surveillance Systems are complete and easy to install. CCTV Camera Systems Varies as CCTV IP Cameras, CCTV PTZCameras, CCTV Bullet Cameras, CCTV Fisheye Cameras, CCTV Network Cameras, CCTV Cube Cameras, CCTV Dome Cameras and Hidden CCTV Cameras. CCTV Security Cameras to Control and regulate Theft and Burglaries from Shops, Banks, Offices, Companies and also from ,Home. Home CCTV Cameras are Specially designed for Prevention of Theft and Burglaries and to get a Self Protection from Violence and Accidents. Remote Viewing helps you to watch your Home / Office remotely on your Mobile, Laptop and/or Desktop. This ensures full peace of Mind even if you are away from your home or office. Just imagine even in your absence you can watch what your employees are doing in the office and at the same time employees are aware they are being watched at work, this improves the productivity. Our unique Office Automation Systems include CCTV Cameras, Burglar Alarm, Attendance Systems, Access Controls, EPABX, IP-PBX, IP Telephony, Boom Barriers, Public Address Systems and more.

Boom Barrier or Automatic Gate System Works with an Automatic Entrance into a Compound, Shop or an Office with the help of Radio Frequency Identification System. With over multiple years of in-house knowledge and expertise in both CCTV & IP technologies, we have been accredited by some of the leading manufacturersin our fields We are at the forefront of technology, constantly reviewing and testing new products as well as designing and building our own solutions.

We class customer satisfaction as a paramount responsibility no matter how small or large the job. All our installation services come with technical support, we are giving 24/7 support. Aura distributes quality Electronic Security Gate Systems as an Expert Gate Automation System Supplier in all over Kerala at Cochin, Trivandrum, Kottayam, Calicut, Kannur etc. We ,Automate both new and existing Security Gates at Affordable Prices. Aura Business Solutions at Cochin, Kerala offer excellent Dealer opportunities for Gate Manufacturers, Electricians and Wholesalers. We provide full Technical Support and Product Training, Free telephone support, Demo kit, brochures and Sales Leads. We serve all the places in Alappuzha district where CCTV and Security System can be installed after a scientific site survey. Aura offers most comprehensive and customised solutions with world-class quality. We have CCTV and Security System Installation service available

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