Biometric Attendance Systems-Aura-Palakkad, Coimbatore

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Biometrics is identification of Humans by their Characteristics or Traits. Biometric is a feature used for Identification Access Controland Security Surveillance. As a Well Known ESSL Authorized Biometric Attendance Dealer in Kerala, Solutions is delivering all ESSL Biometric Products Such as ESSL Authorized Biometric Attendance System, Biometric Locks, Biometric Safes, Biometric Door, ESSL Fingerprint Door Locks and ESSL Biometric Access Control System. Biometric Recognition System, or Simply Biometrics, is the science of establishing the identity of a person based on physical or behavioral attributes. Fingerprint Recognition, Face Recognition, Iris Scanner Recognition are some of the commonly used Biometric Identification Methods. As an Expert ESSL Authorized Biometric Supplier in Palakkad, Kerala, Solutions is dealing with Products for Identification, Office Automation & Tracking Applications using Biometrics with new ESSL Authorized Attendance Punching System Technology. These Products varies as ESSL Biometric Systems, ESSL Authorized Fingerprint Recognition Devices, ESSL Authorized Time Attendance Systems & Software, ESSL Access Control Systems & Software, ESSL Face Recognition Systems, Iris Recognition System, GPS Tracking & Fleet management Systems, RFID ( ESSL RFID Card Reader & ESSL Auto ID products & Solutions.

Service ’s Fingerprint Access Control Systems are ESSL Authorized Biometric Time Attendance Systems As a Small Business, ESSL USB Fingerprint Scanners or ESSL Biometric Readers, ESSL Authorized RFID Card Reader Biometrics, ESSL Authorized Access Control Thumb Punching Machines, ESSL Proximity Card Access Control Device, Fingerprint Door Lock or Electromagnetic Lock, ESSL Fingerprint Access Control Exit Reader , GPS Tracking, ESSL Authorized Time Attendance & Access Control System , Face Recognition System , Mobile or Handheld Solutions, Android Fingerprint Scanner Software Development Kit and more.

Multi Color Attendance Systems are used for Security Applications Such as Banking, Office File Management, Company Data Information Management, Electronic Biometric Data Recorder, Fingerprint Thumb and Information Scanner for Schools,Colleges and more. Solutions is an Authorized Dealer Of Multi Color Biometric Attendance Systems in all over Kerala. Most of the Color Biometric Attendance Systems are Multi Functional Units which can be used for Data Recording, Regular Attendance Records and Employee Performance Data Management. Most of the Color ESSL Authorized Color Attendance Punching Systems are combined with CCTV DVR are used for proper Attendance Management with Digital Video Data Recording.

6161 is a Standalone Fingerprint Time & Attendance System. It could store 3,000 Fingerprint Templates and 1,00,000 Transaction Records. There are Super Special ESSL Authorized Biometric Attendance Systems which are used for Attendance Recording and Data System Maintainance to Keep your Company Records up to Date. College oriented Systems are using Special Function ESSL Authorized Biometric Data Recorders for keeping Data Files of Teachers and Students in an ordered Manner. Most of the ESSL Biometric Systems are Thumb Impression based or Fingerprint Attendance Punching oriented. There are Biometric Systemswhich are based on Face Detection and Eye Scanner. MOst of Such ESSL Autorized Biometric Systems are used for Hospitals.

X990 is a standalone ESSL Authorized Fingerprint Time and Attendance System, It could store 3,000 Fingerprint Templates and 1,00,000 transaction Records. This type of Multi functional ESSL Authorized Biometric Attendance Recording Systems are used for Data System Maintenance of Different Information Files inside Your Office or Institution.

Thumb Punching Attendance Machines mark your Fingerprint Thumb Attendance. Super Special ESSL Authorized Biometric Attendance Systems are used in Attendance Recording , Employee Punching, Student Attendance Recording for Schools and Colleges, Factory Attendance Punching, IT Companies, Jewelleries, Government and Technical Organizations.

ESSL Authorized Factory Attendance Systems are widely used in Offices, Multi National Companies and More. ESSL Authorized Attendance Systems are with Multi Functional units which can perform Data Recording, Data Storage and Data Processing. Solutions is an Expert Dealer of ESSL Authorized Multi Functional Attendance Systems for Various Top Leading Companies, Gold Jewellries, Colleges and to Offices inside Kerala for their Proper Functioning and Maintainance of Records inside an Office. It is a Multi Color Data Recording System for using and Retriving Data Even after 15 or 20 Years. If You want a Flexible Purpose Employee Attendance Recorder System Cum Office File Management System, this Multi Functional Biometric Attendance Systemis a great Advantage for You to Keep Your Valuable Records with Safety, Security and Care.

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