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Are you searching for best stomach pain specialist in sarita vihar? Then contact Dr monga.Dr monga is the best doctor for stomach pain if you want to get rid out of abdominal pain problem then you need to consult best abdominal pain specialist in sarita can book your appointment online and for more info call @ +91-9999219128,+91-8010931122

There area unit many reasons which will cause abdomen pain. abdomen pains will occur often attributable to dyspepsia, irritable internal organ syndrome, dyspepsia, acidity, excessive gas then on. however there area unit acute and chronic abdomen pains that indicate a significant unwellness as gall bladder stones, redness, and excretory organ stones. Distention or inflammation can even provoke abdomen pain. If the blood provide to a definite organ is interrupted our abdomen can ache. once our abdomen aches we tend to feel the pain higher than the girdle bone and below the skeletal structure. each ladies and men will expertise abdomen pains.Fortunately there area unit several nice natural remedies which will to induce eliminate abdomen ache.When an outsized quantity of gas was shaped it causes internal lining of our abdomen or our liver distention and that we feel pain in our abdomen. This pain sometimesforces North natural resin is ground till it becomes a fine powder. Warn some mustard oil and blend it with the natural resin powder.currently fill the armed service with the mixture and rest for a jiffy. This remedy can facilitate your body to pas the gas quicker and you may feel higher before long.when we tend to|once we after we have associate upset abdomen indigestion dyspepsia stomach upset symptom we additionally expertise a stomach pain.combine some carom seed with some black salt and take a teaspoon.heat water or juice also are terribly useful during this case.For another useful remedy to cure your abdomen pain you wish one teaspoon of juice, one teaspoon of black salt, one teaspoon of mint juice and one teaspoon of ginger juice. combine of these ingredients along so take a teaspoon whenever you expertise abdomen ache. This remedy has the property to manage the gas formation and to enhance the blood flood.Garlic and ginger area unit 2 quite common spices however they need nice solidification effects. they need nice therapeutic effects in abdomen pains having the ability to cure them for's accepted that garlic may be a excellent appetiser and blood cleaner. Ginger is extremely useful in several systema alimentarium issues.It will be consumed in salads in row type or burnt.When you area unit littered with a abdomen pain you've got to scale back the non-vegetarian food and to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.for instance banana or papaya is of a good facilitate in abdomen pains.Soaked cardamom seeds area unit another nice remedy. Take these seeds 3 times every day. Soak the cardamom seeds in water 10-15 minutes.Make a stewing from many ajwain seeds and rack salt. Take many seeds of ajwain and boil them in water. Powder some rack salt and drink the stewing.Make a powder from equal quantities of dry ginger, garlic, black salt, mint, cumin seeds, asafetida, coriander and black pepper. combine all the ingredients and take a teaspoon when every meal.

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