Aquagrand Water Purifier RO UV UF TDS tuner free demo

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Brand New Box peace Royal AquaGrand plus RO + UV + UF + TDS turner with filter change alarm sensor with additional filter free 14 Stage profession 12 storage capacity 1 year plus guarantee Installation free Lifetime free service Including tax Bill ISO registration company with Food great metal Toll free service Area wise branches more details​ free Demo at your doorstep with water testing more models more details demo call me sir send me your address Free Demo Features

Warranty summary:*1 year

Free instalation on your

yearly 3 service free

Filtration Stages: 1st Stage**: Pre-Filter 10" Spun- high Quality thread based- removes dust and other visible particle from water. 2nd Stage**: Sediment Filtration: removes suspended particles, dust and other visible particle from water. 3rd Stage**: Activated Carbon: 800-900 IV Carbon Removes chlorine, chlorine smell and restore the natural colour of the water. 4th Stage**: RO Membrane: removes hardness of the water, filter out other impurities of the water.

5th Stage**: UV with Philips technology 6th Stage**: High quality UF 7th Stage**: Multi Stage Mineral Re balancer 8th Stage**: Alkaline Filter

Features: 1. It Will Promotes general well-being by restoring and balancing the body. 2. Supplies Minerals which help the balance of metabolism. 3. Increase PH and lowers ORP (Ref. ORP = Oxygen Reduction Potential). 4. Excellent antioxidant. I have already sent Overflow Protection, Auto Start * 11 Watt UV Lamp Power * Leak-proof push fit component

* Type Electrical Water Purifier * Filtration Capacity is 15 L/hrs. Depending on TDS level of input water * Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels Upto 1500 ppm * Installation Wall Mounted * ABS Food grade Body * Filter Pre Reverse Osmosis, UV Filtration, UF Filtration * Membrane Type: RO Membrane. * Storage Tank: 12 L

Product Details

Product Dimensions: 73.99 x 43.99 x 26.01 cm

Product Weight : 9.0 kg

ASIN : B01K4P9DS0 registration company Food grade material with Lifetime free services with toll free number with area wise branches with including tax Bill,4800,two, 15300

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